Image 17Our classes take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00 at

St Mary’s Church Hall
Acton High Street
W3 9NW

Classes are suitable for anyone aged 18 and above, of all ability levels, from complete beginners to the more experienced. We do not currently offer classes for under 18s.

Your first session with us is free of charge and the mat fee thereafter is £7 per session. We are a non-profit club and we only charge a mat fee in order to cover our hall hire.

Take advantage of the offer running on our Facebook page to get an extra lesson free!

If you are trying Aikido for the first time and don’t have a gi (training uniform), just wear loose, long-sleeved clothing that you will be comfortable in. If you decide that Aikido is for you, talk to us about purchasing a gi – we may be able to supply you with one at a discounted price.

We have to lay the mats before each class and take them up at the end. If possible, please try to arrive around 15 minutes before the class to help with this. To get an idea of what to expect during the class and what will be expected of you, take a look at our Dojo Rules and Etiquette.

Classes are usually followed by a trip to a local pub and newcomers are encouraged to stay and join us for a drink!

Our instructor is Bradley Smith Sensei. Bradley has practiced Aikido for 18 years under Pierre Citti Sensei, who is 7th Dan Aikido and is technical director of Aikido for the International Budo Council. Citti Sensei awarded Bradley with his 1st Dan Aikido in 2010, his 2nd Dan in 2013 and 3rd Dan in 2016. Bradley holds valid Instructor’s Insurance. In addition, he is trained in first aid and is a qualified exercise instructor certified by YMCA.