Kyu Shin Kan Aikido is a friendly and welcoming club based in Acton, West London. We hold weekly Aikido classes on Tuesday evenings at St Mary’s Church Hall, Acton High Street. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, regardless of fitness levels or previous experience.

Aikido is a non-competitive Japanese martial art used for self-defence, which focuses on blending and redirecting over clashing and conflict. Instead of meeting force with force, we aim to use our attacker’s energy and momentum against them. We seek to disable attacks and control aggressors through controls, pins and throws. One does not need to already be fit and strong to train – everyone is welcome! All you need is an open mind and some loose, long sleeved clothing.

The classes themselves contain cardio workouts, strength training and physical conditioning, through dynamic Aikido with influences from Judo, Jujitsu and Karate. Students will first learn the basics of posture, movement and falling whilst gradually learning more advanced techniques, drills and exercises. Students can expect to gain physically and mentally – fat loss, muscular gain, increased flexibility, co-ordination and balance are the most notable physical benefits, while an increase in self-motivation, confidence and discipline are the most notable mental benefits. All on top of learning a practical martial art!

Kyu Shin Kan Aikido was founded in September 2009 by Bradley Smith Sensei. Bradley has practiced Aikido for 18 years under Pierre Citti Sensei, who is 7th Dan Aikido and is technical director of Aikido for the International Budo Council. Citti Sensei awarded Bradley with his 1st Dan Aikido in 2010, 2nd Dan in 2013 and 3rd Dan in 2016. Bradley holds valid Instructor’s Insurance. In addition, he is trained in first aid and is a qualified exercise instructor certified by YMCA.

Since the club’s beginnings we have gone from strength to strength, hosting multiple day courses with guest instructors of 4th Dan and above in a range of disciplines. Students from the club have gone to various national and international courses with instructors up to 8th Dan level. The club is lucky enough to be part of an international martial arts organisation, the International Budo Council (IBC), meaning that there are plenty of opportunities for students to visit other clubs around the UK and beyond. Grades are verified by Pierre Citti Sensei, 7th Dan Aikido.

In May 2014 Kyu Shin Kan moved to its new home in Acton, where we continue growing the club and introducing this fantastic martial art to the local community.